peter parker.
photographer for
the daily bugle.

i'm spider man.

indie peter parker.
strictly mcu.
not spoiler free.
has seem tasm2.

established 21.04.14.



   ”Careful —
           some may find that insulting”
      But —- oh he had no idea.

“Hey man, I’m sure you know how to
take a joke, right? You seem pretty cool.”



         ”well, the last time I was in
          new york, it looked pretty
different. this looks really
          damn old.”

     “Uh—You’re talking like
      it’s meant to look different.
      This is how New York’s always



"Then why are you here?"

“Uh–I’m uh—not sure.”


   ❝Yeah, I’ve been busy.❞


   ❝Okay, ready?
         I am so very sorry I did not complete the assignment, Mister Lynn.
                           The thing is - I realized I am Jane Eyre.
       I was so distraught over my existential crisis that I forgot how to type.❞

        “Do you honestly ———

                       If that works, I’ll give you ten dollars. I promise. Because if that works, I’ll claim that I’m someone as well — then I might not have to flunk English.”


smallknives started following you

Along came a Spider who sat down beside her…
                      New York’s finest menace, think you can keep a secret?

  I keep my entire life a secret, you don’t think I can keep yours?
                       C’mon, spill all the juicy details.


You think?
You still look a bit wobbly there.
Sure you didn’t hit your head?


Yeah, no — yeah,
I’m good, I’m alright.
No! Just hit my back.
I’m good — no worries.




      ❝ Well I major in science, but yeah, you should
          have because it’s pretty easy, Parker. ❞


      ❝ Do you know what I major in?
           I major in being awesome. ❞



              You’re the photographer,
                         you’re suppose to tell me how to pose!
                         Let’s just take it, yeah?
                         Then I can tease you about losing your camera—

       “I can’t tell you how to pose!
              You have to be comfortable, otherwise you’re forcing it!
               And we can’t do that! You’ve gotta look 100% when I take it,
               you’re going in the paper, remember?”


" Duh. I have. But when you said late I assumed Oh his alarm didn’t go offor something like He was so comfortable in the shower he didn’t see time passing.                         Not a black eye. Where did you get that? “ 

“Where did I — oh, um — I was out skating, and I hit my face on a pole. It’ll be gone in a day or two. As if I’d be too comfortable in the shower — how does that even happen? Although the alarm thing has happened more than once, not afraid to admit that.”



   ❝That’s what I’m going for, at least.
         — C’mon then, I’ll carry your books for you.
      I’ll practice my excuse as to why I didn’t do it on you. See if works.❞

      “MJ! Seriously! That’s like the third assignment you’ve bunked.
                            You’re gonna get so told off! — Go on then,
                                    lay it on me!”